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2016-10-04 19:10:59 UTC

「Black Lives Matter」In order to eliminate the discrimination?

"Black Lives Matter" : Movement Seeks To End Discrimination, Violence. Internationally discrimination has become a major problem. In particular, in the United States, it has become a black discrimination is a big problem. "BLM" became nationally recognized by the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson in 2014. The crowd attending the demonstration is upset about the recent police shootings and protest against potential racial discrimination in the society. By the civil rights movement, eliminated Black People discrimination and granted legal equality to people in the United States. However, discrimination retains a strong hold on society. Racial discrimination issues would be a major impact in the presidential election. In order to eliminate racial discrimination, what perspective do you need? Please tell us your opinion.

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  • Racism is likely to be caused by the lack of communication and economic problems(ex. economic gap, poverty). In other words, it is necessary to solve these problems.

  • The Shooting is rooted in a fear of guns. We need gun control is to achieve peace and equality.

  • It's not necessarily appropriate to suggest that racism. It should be considered as more specific issues.