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2016-10-04 19:10:01 UTC

What kind of role of the UN do you wish for?

The purpose of the United Nations is a peace-building in the world. In recent years, it may be that the role has reached the limit. For example, Syria civil war has evolved into a hopeless mess. However, the cease-fire agreement is not at the initiative of the UN, has been delegated to the United States and Russia. Besides, IS a problem, terrorism, against the conflict, UN does not play a leading role. It may be a problem veto powers is happening in the cause. The International community cannot stop the nuclear development of North Korea, because of the Security Council fail to reach an agreement. However, a place for arguments about the global issues in countries around the world, there is a great significance and necessity. Therefore, as a future role for the UN, please tell me what you want.

Select Your Position

  • UN should proactively work on the unsolved issues, all the countries of the world should follow the decision.

  • Should value a certain amount of freedom, it is sufficient in the conventional role of the United Nations.

  • At least, I think that should not allow the veto powers.

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2016-10-07 16:59:49 UTC

A problem that can not be resolved by one country exists. But I think that the solution should be in their own countries.

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2016-10-07 17:07:04 UTC

I think the problem is the veto power. For example, the abolition of nuclear weapons is promoting a number of countries, but veto power is a damper.

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2017-12-16 05:26:14 UTC