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2016-10-04 19:07:34 UTC

How do you think the Immigration and refugee problem?

In recent years, there is a need for measures for international immigrants, refugees. In the UK, immigration is one of the reasons of Brexit. And the British government is strengthening measures to the border management. Also France and the Netherlands, in the Nordic countries, political party ― to claim anti-immigration stance ― make an impressive showing at the polls. In addition, in the United States presidential election, Trump insists that crack down on illegal immigrants. On the other hand, Germany has accepted a number of refugees and immigrants. And European countries decided to take measures throughout the EU. What do you think of the Immigration and refugee problem? How do you think we should address?

Select Your Position

  • I think that should be addressed the issue of this problem throughout the whole of international community. (ex. the United Nations)

  • I think that we should decide the policy in each region. (ex. EU)

  • Because the circumstances are different, each country think that they should be handled individually.